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There is always that perception that things are always better on the other side of the river. This notion has seen many entrepreneurs turning to the internet, launching their businesses there and expecting to make more profits. Well, while it is a smart way of doing business in this digital age, still some vital practices must be adhered to for one to realize profits. One of the vital things that an entrepreneur with an ecommerce site should worry about is conversion rate.

While numbers don’t lie, it is thought that the total conversion rate of many sites is about 1.9%, and up to 68%of all online carts are abandoned by visitors, just before they make a purchase. Therefore with such information at hand, anyone willing to sell online should understand why many customers leave a shopping cart and also find ways and tactics of increasing their conversion rates on their website.

What to Pay Close Attention While Selling Online To Boost Sales

Opening an online store is one thing, (very easy) while making it successful profit wise is another. The latter is what gives most entrepreneurs sleepless nights. However one should strive to give their clients a notable experience of doing business online, as this translates to a boost in sales for your site.

Consider the following factors as ingredients responsible for propelling huge conversion rates.

• Having the ecommerce site clean and easy to navigate

Buyers should find your site clean and easy to navigate, meaning you should make it free of unnecessary banners, ads, and links. These are deemed cumbersome and more often will confuse buyers online. Strive to create a user-friendly landing page with limited content, pictures, and links. Buyers want a nice and easy to use interface, and this will keep them visiting the store more often thus making purchases. We recommend using Shopify as an online store builder, because it provides you with multiple features and guides you to make your customers’ experiences more pleasant.

• Your checkout process

If you want to effectively sell online, then you should make your checkout process simple and easy so as to make your visitors complete their ordering process with ease. On the other hand, ensure you provide them maximum payment gateway and all shipping alternatives you have. Such a precise but detailed check out menu will provide a suitable option for most or all of your buyers.

• Competitive prices and discounts

Settle at the most competitive prices and discounts by peeping through your competitors ecommerce sites and even viewing their discount policies from time to time. If you thought the price factor plays a huge role offline, you are in for a rude shock for it is also very effective when selling online. If it so happens that you sell a similar commodity at an overrated price online, high chances are that when your visitors will realize they will disclose it to their friends and other buyers and you will, in turn, loose them to your competitors. You guessed what that does to your conversion rate and overall business online.

• Update your ecommerce store with new and latest products

A huge business with outdated product is worse than a new one with up to date industry products. Be the first one to stock the site with newly launched products and have your buyers purchase it exclusively at your store.

• Page load speed

Ensure you optimize your page load time for a buyer’s best experience. Ensure it takes less than 5 seconds to load, as past this time, most buyers normally abandon the site to others than can load within the shortest time. Acquiring a speedy loading time calls for choosing an excellent and professional hosting company.


There are much more factors to consider if you want to effectively sell online and make humongous profits. For example using a responsive design that works on Smartphones, integrating buyer reviews, having your site’s registration optional, and even having a zero shipping cost are some of the tried and worked factors as long as conversion rate is concerned. Following these tactics will ensure your business online is a success.


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