You probably have searched for a product and services on various eCommerce websites, and the most important place to navigate to after reading about a product or service is on the customer review segment. You want to know what other buyers had to say after using the said product. You will in most cases have to abandon the said online store and try another one if at all it does not have that segment. Well in this section, the owner of the store wants to obtain the customers’ opinion about what they sell online. These views are critical to the person doing business online as they equip them with the much-needed insight to use in improving their products, services or entire online store, for the ultimate customer experience.

In what ways can customer reviews help improve your eCommerce website?

They provide you with the information you need to determine how to improve a product or produce a product that suits clients ‘needs. If you are doing business online, you want to ensure that your end products are indeed solving your customers’ needs or surpass their expectations. This will, in turn, enable your online store to gain sticky clients loyalties and in turn a high conversion rate.

You can use them to generate customer feedback survey which helps you, who is doing business online to measure your clients’ satisfaction with a particular product. Effective ways to carry out the survey is through email, phone calls, in person or mobile applications. They also improve customer retention; deliver real information for best business decisions.

How can an eCommerce site gather quality customer feedback?

After doing business online for a long time and know the importance of customer feedback still many people who sell online grapple with getting quality customer reviews, but here is how.

1) Adopt a proactive live chat support

Live chats have a myriad of uses such as guiding a visitor to locate a product, answering client’s queries concerning payments, shipping, availability and more. Have the chat window whenever a visitor has been a page for a considerable amount of time, say 20 seconds.

2) Get the clients reaction on the live chat session

Gather customer’s feedback after the live chat session is over. Let it contain basic questions about the buyer experience. As much as it allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your chat support personnel, it prompts you to act fast in case of customer dissatisfaction to win their trust.

3) Have a feedback form on your online store

Having a dedicated feedback email will enable your clients to communicate their grievances through it. Also these days most websites that sell online have a feedback form, for the same purpose.

4) Call your clients more often

This is so far known to provide the online store with the best customer responses. All the information you get is firsthand and straight from the horse’s mouth.

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