Every successful online store is always looking for both simple and ingenious ways to improve their online sale conversion percentage. If you have ever been bowling, you will know that bowling pins look easy to hit, until you actually bowl and the ball swiftly find its way to the side gutter. This is an appropriate parallel because optimizing an online store for maximum conversion can seem easy than it actually is.

There are two fundamental eCommerce ways of improving revenue for your online store

  • You can devise ways to attract more traffic which will in turn generate more revenue
  • You can optimize your online store to turn your current visitors into buyers

It is important to understand that conversion rate optimization is simply making your site as easy to buy from as possible. Here are some tips that will help you along in optimizing you online store for higher sales conversion.

1. Home page

  • Choose lifestyle shots relevant to shoppers; this is how customers envision themselves in using the product and this appeal to their buying persona.
  • Be sure to mention free shipping; this is applicable if you offer the service; if not you should try it. One of the biggest inhibitor of online purchases is the cost of shipping.
  • Navigation items need to be easily understood; make sure the appropriate language and verbiage is properly used to ensure that it is understood by the widest possible audience.
  • Choose striking carousel images; 90% of people will see the first image only, it important not to assume that the shopper will click the carousel pagination to see all images.
  • Include press mention logos; if you get featured by the media, you ought to show it off as it makes for good trust indicators.

2. Cart

  • Reduce the number of logos around the check out button; if you must have them there, consider having them in grey scale
  • Have one primary call to action; the visual effect that “update cart” and “check out” have are more or less the same. However ” check out” cart stands out more
  • Consider getting rid of the “special instruction” textbox; the question to ponder is what value does this add to the shopping experience? In most cases it does not contribute much.

3. Check out

  • Upgrade to responsive check out; this is crucial because the number of persons browsing your site from cell phones is ever increasing

Add a logo; it reflects ownership and the site can be easily kept consistent by simply adding your logo at the top.

4. Product page

  • Remove redundant options; by doing this you are reducing unnecessary number of clicks needed by a shopper which is a sure strategy to increase conversion
  • Offer bulletproof money back guarantee; more often than not, one of the most powerful factors for shoppers not to purchase is risk aversion. You counter this objection by offering a money back guarantee


These suggestions are sure to assist your business store in knocking off the friction and resistance on your site and creating a more fluid shopping experience that leads to more buying converts.

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